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Quantum Conservation was registered in Germany as an independent non-profit organisation with a charitable tax status in March 1994. The NGO is member based and primarily financed from subscriptions and donations. There is a management board, re-elected every four years, which coordinates activities and comprises a chairperson, executive director, secretary and financial controller. All of these positions are honorary and unpaid. In accordance with German law, an annual general meeting is held where the previous year’s business is ratified and future policy and projects are explained and debated.It has articles of association which specify the spread of species conservation information and the furtherance of in-situ and ex-situ measures to conserve and protect wildlife, particularly in relation to zoos and aquaria. Although Quantum Conservation has been physically and financially active in supporting conservation projects, in Vietnam, the Philippines, Russia, West Africa and Moldova, it is best known for its conception and management of the annual German language symposium ‘ZooKunft’ and the publication of the annual European Zoo Directory, ‘Quantum Verzeichnis’.

Since 1995 the symposium ‘ZooKunft’ has been held every year in a different German town with a zoo. In conjunction with the local zoo a wide range of topics have been presented by experts from across Europe. It is the only German language zoo symposium open to everyone, irrespective of discipline and affiliation. As a discussion forum it is recognised by all major zoo associations including WAZA and EAZA and frequently has over 300 participants representing over 120 zoos and organisations.

The ‘Quantum Verzeichnis’, or European Zoo Directory, is a 450 page paperback listing of all known zoos, aquaria and conservation organisations. It has a research team which updates the information in time for publication in February when it is distributed at the ‘ZooKunft’ conference.

In addition to these activities, Quantum Conservation also manages eight web sites advertising its projects and programmes.

Our home website is http://www.quantum-conservation.orgEver since its formation, Quantum Conservation has been associated with and has supported International Zoo News. For many years it has carried available back issues of IZN on its web sites.

Now, as publisher of IZN, Quantum Conservation does not intend to introduce many changes, but to continue the format and quality established under the retiring editor Nicholas Gould. IZN will remain editorially independent.

Ever since IZN was founded it has required funding. In recent years this deficit funding reached substantial proportions and Quantum Conservation, despite being willing to subvent if necessary, intends to reduce this. As part of this effort, the number of issues will be reduced to six per volume (year). This change will enable a more regular administration and will be compensated for by more article pages per issue without any increase in the subscription price.