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We hope you like the IZN web site and will make good and frequent use of it. It is designed to be user friendly and the menu bar above should answer most questions and provide links to all our services.

The advent of the web site in 2010 marked two important changes for IZN ; a new publisher and a new editor. Chester Zoo and the North of England Zoological Society had staunchly maintained IZN since the death of John Aspinal and wanted to concentrate on their other vital conservation support programmes so passed their role to Quantum Conservation, an international NGO.
Nick Gould had been editor for over two decades and felt it was time to retire to his cottage on Orkney. Unfortunately, Nick was only able to enjoy a few carefree years and died in November 2014. There has never been a better editor, nor indeed one for so long, and maintaining the standards he set has not been easy for me, Richard Perron, his successor.

Reader satisfaction is very important to us and your comments, suggestions and participation through articles is essential for a well structured and up-to-date magazine. We hope, with your support, to continue to produce topical, entertaining and stimulating editions of IZN .

In the years since its inception, the IZN has probably published over 20,000 pages of zoo related information. It is our ambition to put all of this online. Due to a change in our publishing software, issues from 2011 onwards are now able to be published on-line without delay, but previous issues need to be individually scanned and uploaded, something which is time consuming. At present we do not go back very far, mostly only to 1996 with a few earlier ones, but all of these years can be individually read even if some of them are early attempts at online publishing. For the impatient, we have installed a search machine which will hopefully retrieve articles from the online volumes according to input parameters.

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