Who is the new publisher?
Quantum Conservation - see here for more information.

Who is the new editor?
John Partridge.

Why has there been a change of editor?
Because Nicholas Gould has reached retirement age.

Where is International Zoo News?
The IZN office is in Aylesbury and the editor is in Bristol.

Will my subscription be affected by the changes?
No, all subscriptions will continue as before.

Will subscription prices now go up?
Not in 2011. Postage costs will determine whether subscription prices will change in 2012.

Why have the number of issues per volume been reduced to six?
During the 1980s IZN used to be published six times a year. From 1992 IZN changed to eight issues per volume. Since then, postage rates have risen dramatically and the subscription price has remained the same since 2002. Publication every two months is more economical, administratively easier and will help to offset the postage costs.

I paid for eight issues per volume and now the volume is reduced to six. Do I get compensation or money back?
If your subscription does not run on a volume basis, but from the date you started (say, August) you will not receive a refund for the missing issue in the second half of the year. We hope you will feel adequately compensated for this by the increased number of articles, pages and colour photos.

Who do I contact for information or complain to?
For all queries or complaints, please contact the IZN office.

Can articles still be submitted for publication?
Yes, we will be pleased to hear from contributors.

Who selects which articles are published?
The editor.

Must I be in a zoo to submit an article?
No, acceptance rests on content and quality, not on who writes it.

Does IZN charge for publishing articles?
There is no charge.

May I reproduce articles and pictures from IZN?
Yes, but you must quote the source - see here.

Why canít I copy some of the online publications?
You can copy, using right click, most of the online back issues, but recent volumes are protected.

Are back issues still available?
Most, but not all. Look at the list.

Can copies of IZN be obtained on CD/DVD?
Not yet, but we are working on it.

Are binders still available?
Yes, these are still obtainable.