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International Zoo News Vol. 57/3 (No. 380) April/May 2010

OBITUARY – Devra G. Kleiman



Giant Pacific Octopus Behavior and Enrichment
Megan Brady, Mark Rehling, Jenni Mueller and Kristen Lukas 134

Yellow-Breasted Capuchins at GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo
Tjerk ter Meulen 146

Zoo Exhibits in German-speaking Countries – Design Trends and Educational Aspects
Britta Habbe, Udo Ganslosser and Norbert Puetz 151

Jura Zoo, Neumarkt, Germany
Benjamin Ibler 162

Book Review 165 Conservation 166 Miscellany 171 International Zoo News 174 Recent Articles 187

Cover Illustration: Giant Pacific octopus at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: the animal is exhibiting active investigation of a ‘hunting stimulus’ enrichment device designed to challenge it and elicit food-seeking behaviours. (Photo: Mark Rehling)